Preludes: A Devotional Catechism for Lutheran Living

Lutheran Liturgy to Lutheran Living is a movement sparked by the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. This book is a compilation of many of the devotions shared over the past seven years with its members. Now you can have access to these wonderful small “preludes” that provide a quiet moment to focus on how God is reforming your life based on the writings found in Martin Luther’s Small Catechism.¬†

Martin Luther wrote his catechism mostly for the local farmers and children. These devotions go deeper to help feed your soul and to allow you to reflect on how to apply these truths to your life. If you treasure your catechism, but it has been gathering dust over the years, this new devotional catechism will give you entirely new perspectives on the foundations of our faith. You can follow Lutheran Liturgy to Lutheran Living on Facebook.

Print versions of the book can be purchased here.

iBook versions can be downloaded here:

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