Prayers for Lutheran Living

These prayers are from the archives of Lutheran Liturgy to Lutheran Living Facebook posts. We moved them here because Facebook is removing discussions from their pages. We pray you find them inspirational. We encourage you to share your prayers or requests here as well.

Dawn returns, Give me the saving lamp of thy Spirit that I may see thee, the God of my salvation, the delight of my soul, rejoicing over me in love. May my words and works allure others to the highest walks of faith and love! Cause me to be a mirror of thy grace, to show others the joy of thy service. May my lips be well-tuned cymbals sounding thy praise, Let a halo of heavenly-mindedness sparkle around me and a lamp of kindness sunbeam my path. Teach me the happy art of attending to things temporal with a mind intent on things eternal. Let my happy place be amongst the poor in spirit, my delight the gentle ranks of the meek. Let me always esteem other better than myself and find in true humility an heirdom to two worlds. Amen (Puritan Prayer)

Lord, I confess I have heard the Gospel but have often been dulled rather than renewed. Heal my ears that have been deafened by the din of this world. Renew me and lead me to the refreshing stream of your Word, to see the reflection of the loving face of Christ, my Savior,in every passage.Use these waters of eternal life to grow my dried seeds of faith into trees that one day I will rest under in your very presence. Amen

Lord, my fervent prayer is for my own sanctification. Leave no sin unexposed, no corner of my life unattended to, so that my every thought, word and action be a glorious song of praise to you. I pray this song be heard by all those you send to me, that I may proclaim the gospel to those who have not heard your voice, while encouraging those that doubt your faithfulness. All this for the glory and cause of Christ. Amen.

Lord, let the coming year be one where I daily sense your pursuit of my heart. A year where I realize your suffering was more important than my own, your works far greater than mine, and your plan for me all I desire. Help me to daily put away everything that does not honor you and make me a vessel useful to the master of my house ready for every good work. II Tim 2

Lord, keep us steadfast in your Word during this season. Give us your heart for the lost whom you are calling to repentance. Give us a generous spirit for those who are in need, and fill our hearts with joy to overflowing in the fact you continue to embrace us each and every minute of the day with your presence and your peace. Amen

Lord, your presence convinces me I am in want of nothing. There is no void in my life that needs filling, no desire that must be met. All that I am, all that I do, I will use to magnify you. Give me eyes to see every trial as an opportunity to glorify you, my rock and redeemer. Give me the assurance that in your presence all things work for good because I am called, redeemed and glorified for your purposes. Rom. 8

Dear Lord, We look upon your suffering and we kneel under the weight of our sin. During this Lenten season, unpack these sins that weigh us down, and let our confession of them release us from our ties to this fallen world. Let your Easter resurrection be our resurrection also. Teach us to rejoice and dance in the robes of righteousness you have purchased for us and let the cries of our old adam become faint whispers compared to your calling on our lives. Awaken your church, oh Lord, to our joyful mission as we await your triumphant return.

Dear Lord, I have witnessed your death and resurrection-your plan for my salvation. To whom else should I go? My false gods demand my worship and time, but you simply say, “Come to me and I will give you rest.” You do not grow faint or weary, and your understanding is unsearchable. I will wait on you so that my strength will be renewed. Strength I will use to worship and glorify you, my Lord and my King. (Is. 40)

Dear Father, On this National Day of Pray, we kneel before you in thanksgiving for this country, for your hand of providence on its people. We pray not for more politics but more wisdom; not more programs, but for unfettered compassion by your church on mission to the lost. Let your church be a beacon to the world. Root out and deliver us from evil. For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory! Amen.

Lord, give me your voice in my wilderness.
Let my cries be only shouts of your promises.
My hope will rest in you.
Let me never turn from you,
and let me never choose the thief over my king.
I trust in your goodness, your grace and mercy.
I will never fear my future for it will always be in your presence and I will never regret my past for it has lead me to you. (Ps. 86)  Amen.

My Lord and my Redeemer! Thank you for redeeming me, buying me back from the grave I dug for myself . You wore my sin and gladly took my punishment. Teach me by your Holy Spirit how to live my life anew, and how to give all that I have back to you. Set me free to live unfettered by this world and all its trappings. Show me how you saved me from all of my burdens so that I might know what it truly means to live as your child. Your yoke is easy, your burden is light and your love for me is so great. Reveal to me the power of your resurrection that I might serve you all of my days. Amen.

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