Doctrine Question #2 Gifts of the Spirit

What is the stand of the Lutheran Church on the gifts of the Holy Spirit? Can you be seeking the gifts of the Holy Spirit today without conflicting with the Word of God and Lutheran practice? Delwyn X. Campbell, Promise Lutheran Church of Murrieta, CA

Doctine Question #1 – The Role of Good Works

Doctrine Question #1 Salvation is only available by the grace of God, and not through our works as many cults believe. If works do not provide salvation, then what role do they play in the Christian life? (Thanks, Myke Harbuck) (It is possible your responses will be used in the publication of a book highlighting […]

The Doctrine Project- Introduction

In essentials unity. In nonessentials liberty, And in all things charity. ┬áThis famous saying is the key to the Doctrine Project. Why is it that those of us who grew up in the faith are often the least articulate in explaining our faith to others? Many of us memorized the small catechism, or at least […]