Lutheran Worship Week 6 – Praise

The Hymn of Praise Two hymns of praise, “Glory to God in the highest” and “This is the feast of victory,” give the congregation the opportunity to praise God and express joy because Jesus is our victorious Savior.  During Advent and Lent, the hymn of praise is omitted. (LCC What the Bible says about […]

Lutheran Worship Week 5-Kyrie

The Kyrie In ancient times, the crowds would shout “Lord, have mercy” as the King entered their town. The church has taken over this prayer to greet its King Jesus Christ in the church service. We have a picture of Palm Sunday and Christ’s second coming all wrapped into the Kyrie. In our constant condition as saint […]

Lutheran Worship Week 4 Confession

Confession We examine ourselves and publicly confess our sins. Such a confession at the beginning of the service provides a climate of acceptance. In spite of our sins, we are accepted by God, and in turn we can accept each other. (LCC)   Luther wrote, Sinners do not need examples, they need forgiveness. Then – […]

Lutheran Worship-Week 3 Invocation

Invocation We call upon God to be present with us. We worship the triune God, remembering our Baptism in His name*.  Amen means “So be it, it is true!” (Lutheran Church of Canada) Hymn of Invocation- We are a “singing church,” so we follow the advice of the apostle Paul to teach and admonish “one […]

Lutheran Worship Week 2

Wise Men Worship   What the Wise Men say about Worship: Matthew 2:1-12 The Wise Men came the farthest to worship the Christ child. This story provides a glorious picture for us of how God wants us to worship His Son.The baby shower gifts presented in this story were put in the registry by God […]

Lutheran Worship – Introduction

Why work on worship? What better place to examine worship than in the Lutheran Church where all of the components of worship have a strong and rich heritage. The mission of LLLL is to provide the opportunity for a congregation to learn more about the act of worship and as a church ask ourselves, “Can […]

Lutheran Worship Week 7 Salutation/Collect

The Salutation and The Collect The main thoughts of the day are collected, or summarized in this short prayer.  The collects for the reason of the church year have come to us from the rich treasury of the church’s heritage.   (LCC The final moment of prayer before the Word of God is read employs […]

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