Prayer Week Four Study

Week 4:From Commitment to Passion Prayer Objective #4 Prayer eventually lead us to passion. The disciples on the road to Emmaus listen to Jesus opened up the scriptures to them. As we grow, we too begin to feel our hearts burn for a greater love for the Lord and gratitude for what He has done […]

Prayer Week 3 Study

We need to be armed with prayer everyday as we go into battle. Again, we see that Christ’s work is complete. God has done what we can not do. He has made the rough places plane, so that His Kingdom may come into our life and also those He puts in our path.

Prayer Week 2 Study

The Holy Spirit begins in us the process of regeneration so that we constantly engage ourselves in the reality of God’s eternal plans by submitting to God’s “daily bread” for our lives. Our goal should be Paul’s prayer in Colossians – to live a life worthy of the Lord and to please Him in every way.

Prayer Week 1 Study

Thy will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.” This is, perhaps, the most powerful personal prayer we can utter. Desiring God’s will to be accomplished here on earth is tantamount to His will being accomplished in your life. This study will help you to begin to make prayer more purposeful in your life as you seek His will and begin to track your prayer habits and history.

About Prayer-Intro

The mission of LLLL is to provide the opportunity for a congregation to learn more about prayer and worship and as a church to ask ourselves, “Can we as the church, pray and worship even more expressively when we gather in His name?” Then, can we leave the sanctuary with the “shoes of the Gospel” […]