LLLL Facebook Seed Projects

With less than 2428 days until our 500th anniversary, let’s continue to move forward in faith as the body of Christ and stretch our faith as fellow Lutherans. Let’s use this technology to harvest some fruit. If any of our struggling churches has a ministry that involves sharing God Word and helping those outside the […]

Lutherans love to tell the story!

Gianna Jessen – Abortion Survivor“How much are you willing to take and how much are you willing to risk to speak the truth in love and graciousness, and are you willing to stand up and be hated? Or at the end of the day is it all about you. – Gianna Jessen This testimony of […]

Resonant Church-Invitation

Lutheran Liturgy to Lutheran Living’s vision is for our church’s mission efforts to reach beyond our own members and for the Gospel of Christ to resonate in our communities. We need inspired writers, content experts, and imagination-reformers to push out the walls we have built and find ways to reach those in our communities who […]

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