Preludes: A Devotional Catechism for Lutheran Living

Luther’s Small Catechism outlines the basic teachings of the Lutheran Church. Inspired by the celebrations of Reformation 2017, the author has taken these teachings of Martin Luther and added devotions and prayers for each section transforming  Luther’s classic work into a contemporary, inspiring, spirit-filled, and deeply meaningful set of devotions for your daily living. If you […]

Family Advent Liturgy – Mary’s Proclamation

Mary: My soul exalts in the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, because he has looked upon the humble state of his servant. For from now on all generations will call me blessed. Family: Thank you Lord for calling us to be your humble servants. May your kingdom be established in our […]

Advent Wreath- 5

Candle Five: This center candle represents the light of the Holy Spirit calling us into a deeper, more faith-filled relationship with him. We have seen how we have fallen by choosing will over worship. How God faithfully calls us from our sin into a covenant relationship with him. We celebrate the sending of our Savior […]

The Advent Wreath – 4

Candle Four: Represents the light we once extinguished as Jesus, God’s son, breathed his last breath on the cross. Ridiculed, bruised, beaten, and nailed to a cross, Jesus summoned his last ounce of life to tell us,“It is finished.” God’s rescue plan was complete. The prophesies foretold from the beginning of Adam fell like fragile […]

The Advent Wreath -3

Candle three represents the light Christ brought to the world through his words of compassion, hope and promise. He reminds us from his childhood how he must be about his Father’s business. He declares himself to be the light of the world and yet he pursues not the religious, but the lost. He redeems the […]

The Lutheran Advent Wreath -2

Advent Candle Two: God’s rescue plan shattered our darkened world with Christ’s first breath here on earth as a man- his first breath as God incarnate. It is hard to imagine Christ the newborn, locking eyes with his earthly mother for the first time all the while feeling and tasting our fallen world, the separation […]

The Lutheran Advent Wreath-1

Hope Lutheran, Enumclaw, WA Advent Wreath I was surprised to read that many sources mention the Advent wreath as a Lutheran tradition. I was more shocked to discover the wreath is not exactly fraught with Lutheran liturgical symbolism. There is evidence suggesting that although the wreath was in use back in Roman times, the modern […]

Prayers for Lutheran Living

These prayers are from the archives of Lutheran Liturgy to Lutheran Living Facebook posts. We moved them here because Facebook is removing discussions from their pages. We pray you find them inspirational. We encourage you to share your prayers or requests here as well. Dawn returns, Give me the saving lamp of thy Spirit that […]

From Reformation to Reformission

The term Reformission was coined by Pastor Mark Driscoll in his book “The Radical Reformission” c. 2004. The title caught my eye because it is a term all of us as Lutherans can learn from as we prepare ourselves for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. If you have had time to catch the vision […]

LLLL Facebook Seed Projects

With less than 2428 days until our 500th anniversary, let’s continue to move forward in faith as the body of Christ and stretch our faith as fellow Lutherans. Let’s use this technology to harvest some fruit. If any of our struggling churches has a ministry that involves sharing God Word and helping those outside the […]

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